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  • Where Is 'Discovery' Within The Star Trek Timeline?

  • It depends what you mean by "chronological". Do you mean the in-universe chronology (as covered very well by DVK's answer), or the real-life chronological order the various shows & movies were released? Because, even though the 'Enterprise' series was made as a prequel to everything else, it was produced last. Going from the last-made series (ENT) to the first-made series (the original 'Star Trek'), as per the in-universe chronology, would be quite jarring.

    A better order for viewing the series and movies would be to follow the order in which they were produced (with some minor variations for consistency):

    1) The original live-action 'Star Trek' series from the 1960s. (TOS)

    2) The sequel animated 'Star Trek' series from the 1970s. (TAS)

    3) The TOS movies: Star Trek I to VI.

    4) 'The Next Generation' series. (TNG)

    5) The TNG movies: Star Trek VII (Generations) to X (Nemesis).

    6) 'Deep Space Nine' series. (DS9)

    7) 'Voyager' series. (VOY)

    8) 'Enterprise' series. (ENT)

    That mostly follows the in-universe chronological order, but with ENT placed last because it was made last.


    Where Is 'Discovery' Within The Star Trek Timeline?

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    The following pages are a chronological guide to all stories and established events that have taken place in the Star Trek universe. The timeline includes stories from episodes, comics, novels, and games.

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    The Star Trek Chronology, like the Star Trek Encyclopedia, was written by Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda and Debbie Mirek. Alixus • Arjin • Julian Bashir • Brunt • Chakotay • Christine Chapel • Pavel Chekov • Zefram Cochrane • Beverly Crusher • Data • A.

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    The Spaceflight Chronology was a Star Trek reference book published by Pocket Books in 1980, by Stan and Fred Goldstein, illustrated by Rick Sternbach. The stars beckon Man responds! The Human adventure is just beginning!.

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    This timeline covers events in the Star Trek Universe through the 2380s. Categories: Chronology.

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    Статья Real World(написанный с Производственной точки зрения). Хронология Звездного пути: История будущего - справочник, подробно излагающий историю вселенной Звездного пути.

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    More info on Memory Beta Chronology. Wikis.  Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content. The following pages are a chronological guide to all stories and established events that have taken place in Star Trek universe.